Tamarind (IMLI)

Imli or Tamarind (Tamarindus indica), also called Indian Date, is a large, broad-leaved, tropical tree found in India. The word Tamarind is from Arabic تمر هندي' tamar-ul-Hind', meaning, "the date palm of India". Apart from Imli, among its other regional names are ambilis, amli, tintiri tintul, titri, and teteli.


  • Jagdalpur is the largest Production center of tamarind in asia in quality and quantity both.
  • Best and most liked qualities in the world
  • New crop 1 st week of February to April
  • We Preserve the tamarind in cold store and supply entire year
  • We have a 5000 Metric tons storage capacity for tamarind
  • We are proud to say our last year turnover of 1100 metric tons (approx 250 million Rs.)
  • Generally we pack tamarind in 1 Kg. to 60 Kg. packs but we can provide tamarind in customers own designed packs also
  • You can place order of 20 to 500 metric tons and we are able to fulfill the order any time in the entire year.
  • varieties
  1. Seeded (with seed with fiber)
  2. De fibered/ fiber less (with seed without fiber)
  3. De seeded/ flowered tamarind (without seed without fiber)
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